Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Scholarships

Common Application for all St. Nicholas Scholarships, plus Pan-Karabunian and Theodoridis. Society

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AHEPA: Michael Zanakos Memorial Scholarship

Click for the Application Form: PDF.


The Order of the AHEPA’s Homer Chapter (#65 of Bethlehem, PA) offers a $1,000 scholarship to rising college sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Eligible applicants include members of the Bethlehem AHEPA, members of the Bethlehem AHEPA auxiliary organizations (Daughters of Penelope, Sons of Pericles, and Maids of Athena), and sons and daughters of members. The rules and regulation governing the scholarship are outlined in the PDF announcement. For more information, email Dean Snyder at the following address:

AHEPA Chapter 60 Application:

The Order of the AHEPA’s Homer Chapter (#60 of Allentown, PA)

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Pan-Hellenic Society Scholarship

The Pan-Hellenic Society Scholarship Application is now available online  at

Daughters of Penelope Scholarship

Daughters of Penelope Scholarship application (PDF)

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The Priests and the Parish Council work hard to serve this wonderful community with the many different programs, ministries and projects that are undertaken. We look towards the 21st century with much hope, promise and determination to serve our children and the entire Saint Nicholas Community.