2010 Budget: $210,000

Automatic Bank Withdrawal For Your Stewardship Offering

"God protects and loves the charitable and philanthropic person." – Saint John Chrysostom

St. Nicholas will automatically withdraw your stewardship donation directly from your checking or savings account on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

You choose the account, the amount and the frequency of your donation.

Why utilize automatic bank withdraw for your stewardship gift?
Small stewardship gifts add up over time. Start with a simple goal such as giving as much to the church as you spend on your weekly coffee. This is what you can be giving:

  • $20 bi-weekly x 26 bi-weekly withdrawals = $520 given a year
  • $30 bi- weekly x 26 bi-weekly withdrawals = $780 given a year
  • $40 bi-weekly x 26 bi-weekly withdrawals = $1,040 given a year

Is automatic withdrawal safe and secure?
YES. The Cathedral's secure ACH Auto Withdrawal System is administered through Lafayette Ambassador Bank who is already the Cathedral’s banking source. You do not need to be a Lafayette customer to take advantage of this program.

How do I get started?
Simply fill out the Auto Withdrawal Stewardship Form, available online or in the office, and the Treasurer will handle the rest.

Questions? Need a form?
Speak with Father, any Parish Council Member or call the office. We look forward to answering your questions.

Can I print this page to read later?
For a PDF version of this page, please click here.

Is the auto withdrawal form available online?
For the actual auto withdrawal form that a parishioner can print off, fill out and return to the Council or the Church Office please click here (DOC).

The Priests and the Parish Council work hard to serve this wonderful community with the many different programs, ministries and projects that are undertaken. We look towards the 21st century with much hope, promise and determination to serve our children and the entire Saint Nicholas Community.